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Drop Ins

Coming through Sistering’s Drop In doors in the morning means entering a safe, welcoming space
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Staff List

Executive Director

Patricia O'Connell

416-926-9762 x 226


Director of Finance Amber James 416-926-9762 x 228
Director of Development Joanne Abbensetts 416-926-9762 x 233
Office Manager Debbie Rambali 416-926-9762 x 227
Receptionist Gloria Morales 416-926-9762 x 221
Community Resources and
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
Zenia Castanos 416-926-9762 x 239
Administration/Finance/Development Assistant  Corry Hughes  416-926-9762 x 228 

Program: Bloor Street Drop In Services & Parkdale Outreach Program

Drop In Program Administrator

Tina Cai

416-926-9762 x 242
Peer Harm Reduction Coordinator

Carol Danis

416-926-9762 x 223
Community Support Worker

Donna Hope

416-926-9762 x 401
Community Support Worker

Lourdes Carvajal

416-926-9762 x 406
Community Support Worker

Sandy Williams

416-926-9762 x 402
Community Support Worker

Sue DiTrani

416-926-9762 x 405
Community Support Worker

Su Li Chen

416-926-9762 x 404
Community Support Worker
Magdalena Buczek

416-926-9762 x 403
Community Support Worker
Lara Iserman

416-926-9762 x 224
Community Support Worker
Lindsay Windhager

416-926-9762 x 253
Community Support Worker
Rosa Delgado

416-926-9762 x 238
Community Support Worker
Nimrat Bhinder

416-926-9762 x 407
Community Support Worker
Karleen Spence

416-926-9762 x 235
Community Support Worker
Emily Bleek

416-926-9762 x 225
Community Outreach Worker   Melody Grant   416-926-9762 x 409
Community Outreach Worker
  Eva Scott
  416-926-9762 x 410
Settlement Outreach Worker

Patricia Macin

416-504-3535 x 266

Parkdale Outreach Program

Community Support Worker

Emily R. Jaipul

Community Support Worker

Yvette Charlebois


Spun Studio

Coordinator, Inspirations/Spun Studios
Theresa Morin

Spun Studio Facilitator
Barbara Aikman

416-926-9762 x240
Support Worker & Sewing Instructor Dahlia Kirlew 416-926-9762 x240

Inspirations Studio

Coordinator Social Enterprise
Theresa Morin

Studio Facilitator
Victoria Gudgeon