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Sistering Policies

Committees at Sistering - Policies And Practice

  1. Each committee has a chairperson and members who meet regularly to accomplish the work of the committee according to committee objectives and within the context of the three-to-five year plan.
  2. Committee chairs and committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors. The By-laws state that committee members must be members of Sistering. Each committee may consult with nonmembers for expert or professional advice.
  3. The chair is responsible for the work of the committee according to the Terms of Reference established by the Board.
  4. The Human Resources Committee and all Board members share the responsibility for volunteer recruitment. Committee members should be sought from as broad a base in the community as possible.
  5. The chair is responsible to the Board of Directors through the President.
  6. Each committee chair should delegate responsibility where possible to encourage the continued interest of individual committee members.
  7. Each chair is responsible for briefing a successor in the functioning, progress and future plans of the committee.
  8. Each chair prepares an agenda, sees that minutes are kept, and distributed.
  9. he President and Executive Director are ex-officio members of all committees. Their function is to coordinate the work of the entire organization. The President and Executive Director must be notified of all committee meetings.