Employment and Income

Sistering’s employment and income support programs offer women employment preparation, workplace and business skills, links to employers, the opportunity earn supplementary income and to develop a micro-enterprise. Programs include a focus on trauma-informed employment preparation – assisting women who have experienced trauma and violence to prepare for the workforce – and English as a Second Language on site. Every week our Employment Support Coordinator is available in the Bloor Street Drop In to answer questions about employment and set up personal appointments with women, assisting them with job search and resume writing.

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Spun Studio our textile studio is Sistering’ s newest social enterprise program. Involvement in the studio builds community, a sense of belonging as well as increased self worth and self esteem offering women training in sewing, knitting and micro business development. For more information contact:


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Inspirations Studio is a thriving art and artisan studio providing members with studio space – including pottery wheels and kiln access - and marketplace opportunities ranging from arts and crafts markets to consignment relationships, pottery group shows and the opportunity to work on custom orders. Members are low-income, marginalized, under-housed and formerly homeless women who gain a valued opportunity for supplemental income, economic activity and business skills. Members generate income through sales, exhibitions and commissions and contribute financially to maintain the studio. The studio also provides professional development and support:

  • business training
  • business plan development
  • ongoing business workshops
  • goal-setting interviews for graduates
  • promotional & marketing support for individual markets.

For more information or to place an order visit inspirationsstudio.org.

On The Path

On The Path image quote - There they help you get a job. Here helps you in life. Sistering has really helped me a lot and I appreciate it.

On the Path to Employment is an employment training program developed to address the needs of women who are faced with challenges that prevent them from attending traditional job readiness programs. One goal of the program is to provide the necessary flexibility to best meet the needs of the participants.

On the Path includes a sewing training program where women develop industrial sewing skills, and expertise in clothing construction. The sewing incubator component sources contracts, and women have the opportunity to fulfill basic contracts through the sewing incubator. Sewing is just one part of On the Path. Other courses include computer training, mentoring, job search strategies and health and safety, especially for people in non-unionized employment.

The program was developed with input from interested participants. Sewing was a popular choice because many of the women had skills or experience in the garment industry, but were not be able to do full-time work. Partnerships have included Windfall Clothing Services, Comrags and Levi Strauss.

On the Path does alterations and tailoring for the general public and encourages women to supplement their income by producing accessories like shopping bags and home décor items.

Employment Group

Come be a part of an exciting group at Sistering, where participants can give mutual support, network, obtain resources for your job search, learn how to write resumés, gain interview skills, and more! Here, we address issues you request related to employment support, for example:  How to stay employed, Conflict resolution with your co-workers, and Conflict resolution with your employer. In Your Voice Matters, our recent survey, about to appear, some participants identified income, and getting work, as a key issue in their lives. In response, Sistering has developed this group, to offer you more employment support. It’s very dynamic! Come take part!            


12:15-1:00 pm in the Program Room

Please bring your lunch J All are welcome J

Group Facilitated by Tina Shapiro

Employment & Income Support Co-ordinator

On The Path

Tel.:  416.926.9762, ext. 245

E-mail:  tshapiro@ sistering.org