Sistering participants have identified income security, whether through employment or government support, as a top priority in their lives. Here’s how we help.

On The Path to Employment

On the Path to Employment, through the generous funding of the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, helps women who have experienced trauma and violence to prepare for the workforce. Every week our Employment Support Coordinator is available in the Bloor St. Drop In to answer questions about employment and set up personal appointments with participants, assisting them with job search and resumé writing.

The women who access On the Path live in poverty: some have job skills but have difficulty managing conventional workplace expectations. Chronic physical and mental health problems, substance use, lack of skills, and language and cultural barriers compound their marginalization. They manage episodic disability or other disruptions in their life that create a barrier to mainstream employment. Accommodations enable women to participate in employment while addressing other needs. Women who access Sistering’s stabilization supports, including employment and education supports, have the opportunity to participate in Spun Studio and Inspirations Studio, Sistering’s social enterprises.

On The Path to Employment operates within a trauma informed model. The program supports women who have received stabilizing supports from Sistering’s Drop In programs, and who are now better able to explore re-engagement with employment opportunities. The services delivered include:

 Individualized pre-employment and employment counselling
 Resumé writing
 Job search support
 Interview skills
 Career counselling
 Employment groups on topics by request; also to give and get support
 Income support for matters related to OW, ODSP, CPP, EI, WSIB and student loans
 Linkages to appropriate educational upgrading programs
 Support for volunteering
 Micro-business workshop series

This employment and income support program offers women employment preparation, workplace and business skills, and support to develop a micro-enterprise. Support includes a focus on trauma informed employment preparation, assisting women who have experienced trauma and violence to prepare for the workforce.

Employment Group

In Your Voice Matters, our recent survey, participants identified income and getting work as key issues in their lives. In response, Sistering developed this dynamic group, where participants give mutual support, network, obtain resources for their job search, learn how to write resumés, gain interview skills and more. Here, we address issues related to employment support, for example:  how to stay employed; conflict resolution with co-workers; and conflict resolution with an employer.

12:15 – 1:00 pm in the Program Room, Sistering 24/7 Drop In.
Please bring your lunch.
Group Facilitator: Tina Shapiro
Employment & Income Support Coordinator, On The Path
416.926.9762, ext. 245

Our Social Enterprise: Spun Studio


Spun Studio, Sistering’s innovative social enterprises, offers marginalized women and trans people a chance to earn supplemental income in a creative, collaborative and healing environment.

More about Spun Studio

The women and trans people who create at Spun studios are living on the street, in shelters or in unsafe housing. Some have job skills but have difficulty managing conventional workplace expectations. Chronic physical and mental health issues, substance use, lack of skills, language and cultural barriers compound their marginalization. Earning an income, coupled with the housing access and support services and harm reduction and trauma informed counselling offered at Sistering, provides participants with a round-of-circle care that contributes to finding and keeping secure housing.

Spun Studio has developed unique curricula from a trauma informed perspective; our model is responsive to participant’s episodic engagement due to trauma or disability. Participants are taught pottery and textile skills by trained professionals, enabling them to create and sell pottery and textile items and earn supplemental income. They learn fundamental business and entrepreneurial skills, too, that contribute to their ability to create micro businesses. The Social Enterprise team works with community partners and community members to create business opportunities for participants including a variety of corporate and not-for-profit orders.