Board of Directors

With thanks to our tireless Board of Directors for their wisdom, guidance and commitment to the women and trans people we serve.

Audrey Wong

Audrey is a lawyer with a passion for community work and volunteering. She currently volunteers in the legal community through the provision of continuing legal education with her provincial bar association, where she has also acted as Chair of one of the executive groups. In law school, she volunteered at an interdisciplinary clinic combining legal and social work to meet the needs of the low-income community. Having lived in numerous cities across Canada, Audrey has volunteered with many different communities in those cities including seniors, children with disabilities, people facing homelessness, and newcomers. She was also previously on the Board of Directors of a supportive housing organization helping individuals with homelessness, addiction, mental health, and physical health issues transform their lives. Audrey is grateful and honoured to be serving on Sistering’s Board of Directors, where she looks forward to giving back to her community while continuing to learn from and be inspired by the many people she works with.

Jennifer Choo Chee

Jennifer, originally from Trinidad & Tobago, joined Sistering through Spun Studio’s program. She served as the President of the Parents Council at her son’s high school and has a background as a former Canadian Reserve soldier. Jennifer is also an Organ Transplant Athlete, having participated in the Canada Games and the World Transplant Games. With her deep understanding of the importance of providing women with equal opportunities to thrive and participate in inclusive communities, Jennifer has been a dedicated supporter of Sistering for a long time. One of Jennifer’s favourite aspects of Sistering is the diverse range of art activities offered at Spun Studio, and she takes great delight in participating in them. Her passion for the organization led her to serve on Sistering’s Board of Directors. In addition to her involvement with Sistering, Jennifer enjoys various hobbies such as travelling, swimming, and sewing. She also works part-time as an administrator and financial advisor.

Joey Noble


Joey Noble has been volunteering at Sistering for 15 years, teaching weekly ESL classes, helping in the Sistering kitchen and assisting with special events. She became involved with Sistering because she witnessed the fun and pleasure experienced by women and trans people participating in programs at Parkdale Outreach. She has retired after a 20-year career as a Professor of Social Sciences at Humber College but continues to teach part time. Prior to Humber, she worked for 15 years in the social service sector. Past roles include work as a community organizer with a variety of low-income groups, primarily women and immigrants.  She has experience with fundraising, grant writing and working closely with volunteer Boards.

Kathryn Fox

Kathryn is a union-side labour lawyer who is dedicated to workers’ rights. Working in-house for a union based in Toronto, her practice includes complex contract negotiations, strategic advice to elected union representatives and managing individual member issues, which may include anything from handling accommodation requests to termination grievances. Passionate about international human rights issues, over the course of her career she has also spent time working in Uganda, the Netherlands and most recently in Myanmar. Settling back into Toronto and concerned about the widespread impact of the pandemic on vulnerable and marginalized populations, Kathryn is pleased to serve on Sistering’s Board of Directors and find a way to connect and give back to her community.

Kamilah Hudson

Kamilah is a CPA with numerous years of experience managing the financial affairs of not- for- profit entities. She is a finance professional that thrives in a collaborative environment and has extensive knowledge of financial reporting, budgeting and strategic management. She served as the Finance Director of Sistering for approximately 2 years. Kamilah was employed to a government entity in Jamaica where she was responsible for significantly developing the Internal Audit function of the organization. She also worked for a Big 4 firm where she played key roles in the audits of several complex and large companies. She strives to build trusted relationships and creditability with people at all levels. Kamilah is passionate about volunteering and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Sara Fruchtman

Sara has over 10 years of experience in the non-profit sector as a volunteer, employee and board member. She has worked with sex workers, young people involved in the criminal justice system, and individuals struggling with housing and employment discrimination, as well as a number of arts and culture organizations. Sara first began volunteering with Sistering as a teenager working in the kitchen with her mom. She returned to the organization over 15 years later to contribute to Sistering’s mission to support marginalized women and gender-diverse people in Toronto. As a member of the board of directors, Sara is motivated to help steer the board through difficult decision making so that the organization’s staff, volunteers, and peers can continue to make an invaluable difference in our community. Sara is currently a PhD student at the Centre for Criminology. She loves reading, watching movies, and playing squash.

Sharon Bell

A skilled professional accountant with a background in human resources. Sharon’s ability to see beyond the numbers set her apart. Her unique capacity to conceptualize organization vision through strategic development and planning fosters team engagement and is instrumental in the realization of company objectives. Visualizing an organization as a whole, Sharon’s past work in senior management for the public sector has afforded her many opportunities to immerse herself in the community and provide support for important causes. An adept collaborator, Sharon excels in developing rapport with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders, fostering strong interpersonal relationships and inclusivity, breaking down barriers, and empowering her teams to grow alongside executive members. Sharon is enthusiastic about serving on the Sistering Board of Directors and making a positive impact.

Vera Ranieri

Vera is a lawyer licensed in California. While she is currently in private practice,for
almost four years she worked at the non-profit legal services organization Electronic
Frontier Foundation (EFF), where she was a Senior Staff Attorney. She was a regular public speaker, including once to provide expert testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives. Vera received her law degree from Harvard Law School, and her Mathematics, with distinction, from Mount Allison University. For the last 10 years, Vera lived with her husband in San Francisco. She recently moved back to Toronto to be closer to family, and is grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the community she now calls home.

Michaela Ferguson

A Community Worker graduate and current BSW student at Toronto Metropolitan University, Michaela’s experiences and interactions at Sistering have deeply impacted her decision to pursue further education in social services. Michaela is a mental health, social action and housing advocate, working with adults with dis/abilities ranging from physical to psychological. Michaela promotes self-autonomy and has interests in local policy and community-based research initiatives. She wants to see the end of homelessness in her lifetime – and envisions Sistering as leader in improving housing access for the most marginalized. Michaela is an avid hiker, kayaker and MCU fan.